Saturday, July 2, 2011

B is for Bumblebee and Blue!

I'll go ahead and admit that I slacked on this the first part of the week. I did introduce B and Blue, but we didn't do anything with it, really. However, we've done a little bit in the second part of the week and we've had lots of fun.

1. We played with BLUE Play-Doh. It was very serious business.

(I asked him to please look at me and smile. This is what I got.)

2. We painted our letter B with BLUE finger paint.

3. We made a handprint BUMBLEBEE. (Sidenote, do you elementary school teachers have to take handwriting in college? I tried to be all neat with that fat marker and it's just pathetic! So what's the deal? Can it be learned?)

4. We played with BLOCKS.

5. We read the story of the Tower of BABEL.

6. We went through this book and picked out all of the letter B words.

First 100 Words (Bright Baby)

7. We wore BLUE.

Bess, I looked and looked for play sand so that we could dig at the BEACH for BURIED treasure, but I couldn't find any! I guess we need to go to the beach for a visit instead. :)

Next up, the letter C! I've got everything ready for next week so no slacking allowed!

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Amy said...

this is so great! i have GOT to start doing something like this....
we have these dvd's (i can' think of the name right now, but when i get home, i'll look....) there is an alphabet one and a numbers one. my mother in law gave them to libbi and she LOVES them!! we haven't watched the numbers yet, but the abc one is GREAT! It goes through each letter of the alphabet, upper and lower case, slowly and thoroughly. the dvd claims that toddlers who watched it learned their letters within a month or something like that.....
it's slow enough and appropriate enough for our kiddos age that libbi will sit and watch it and repeat the letters with the dvd. when we get in the car she always requests to watch her "abc's"
plus the individual letter segments are long enough that you could watch just the one particular letter's upper and lowercase segment that you're working on that week and it would still be worthwhile.
anyway, now that i sound like an infomercial for a dvd that i can't even remember the name of.... i'll look it up and let you know! :)