Tuesday, June 14, 2011

While the Cat is Away...

the mouse cleans the house? Is that how that goes? :) In my case, it is. I wouldn't say I've been working my fanny off (I've tried to remind myself that this is the only "vacation" I'll get), but I have been working hard to get a few things done that I don't typically get around to.

(Before on left; after on right.)

(Before on top; after on bottom.)

Ahhh...organized for the next 5 hours.

Before on left; after on right.

Before on left; after on right. :)

I wish I'd gotten a little more done, but this is {mostly} it for the cleaning/organizing. I got a few more things done that I didn't take pictures of. We also ran lots of errands last night. I made a return to Hobby Lobby (the world's worst place for returns...I dread them). I bought new CUTE fabric and a pattern for shorts while I was there.

We went to Target to make another return and wound up with lots of things needed and unneeded before we left. :)

Then we ran to Lowe's where I picked up another cilantro plant, we got some hardware we needed, and we made a decision about building a raised bed for my vegetables and herbs. HOPEFULLY that project will begin this weekend. I think I've talked Eddie into making it a project for part of his homework that has to be done anyway. Luckily, I don't think it's going to be too difficult. My plants are all in pots on the patio table right now and I think they'll really appreciate being relocated.

We I also watched The Switch last night with Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman. I thought it was very cute. Not an award winning movie, but cute.

While the mouse has been cleaning, the cat has been swimming and playing. Let me just tell you that I've talked to my little stinker on the phone twice and both times he's said, "Hey Ma - Daddy!" If that's not a stinker playing me on purpose, I don't know what is! He KNOWS he's doing it to get me! Little turkey!

Here are the pictures I've gotten:

I'm off to hopefully get a little more cleaning done before being called to say it's time to meet to pick up my baby! I can't wait to squeeze his chunky self!

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Amy said...

the first thing i do when libbi naps or stays over somewhere is put all the books back on her bookshelf in an orderly fashion - haha! for some reason it just makes me feel better seeing it organized (even if it is only for a few hours).
and...isn't it funny how life changes?! now our babies are the ones that get a "vacation" while our "vacation" turns into cleaning, organizing, and running errands - but oddly enough, i kind of enjoy it! ;-)
hope you get lots more done before your little mouse comes home! (mine is away right now, too....and i'm "interneting" instead of making good use of my time - oops!)