Thursday, June 16, 2011

Changes in Latitude, Changes in Attitude...

I wrote a post earlier about what a monster James has been since he's been back home from the lake. I wasn't even sure that it was MY child who'd come back to me. I saved the post and decided to wait before publishing it and I don't think that I will now. Don't get me wrong, he was terrible. The post wasn't being mean toward him, I just feel like we've handled that parenting hurdle and I'd rather not complain here. We both took a nap this afternoon and I woke up feeling better. He must have, too, because he got up, wanted to read, put on socks and fleece reindeer bedroom shoes and asked for fish. (I am actually WAY groggy from my nap. I dreamed and everything. I must've slept hard.)

Anyway, yesterday I spent my afternoon sewing. I haven't finished yet, but they do at least resemble pants. I also spent my time saying "No, no!" and putting James in time-out. James spent the afternoon glaring at me, flailing on the floor, throwing things, and hitting me. He got worse when Eddie got home. We went swimming at the neighbors' and for the first time EVER he didn't want to swim. He wanted to ride Reed's bike. I was mean for not letting him. This is how he showed me:

*Sigh* It was one of THOSE kind of days. And this morning it was more of the same. Finally, though, I think we've turned a corner.

In case you think I'm horrible for taking and then posting a picture of my child mid-tantrum, here are a few cute ones from yesterday:

He called Papa. Yes, he told me it was Papa. 9 times out of 10 it is Papa. Sorry to the other grandparents.

He also wanted to "ni" at the Rhodes' house. Nevermind that he can't stay in that type of "ni."

All that to say that I'm enjoying James during this stage in his life, but it is TOUGH. This has been the toughest stage. I kept hearing people say that 18 months was the worst. I think they were right. I realize that this type of thing will come and go through three (or so I've been told) so we're just going to enjoy the ride. It is tough not to lose your mind when parenting a toddler, though. One that talks in complete sentences in another language that cannot be understood. But we're enjoying it anyway!

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The Guest Family said...

Lauren, I rarely lol literally but I did at this post tonight. Reason being, this is our first week where there have been no grandparents or actvivities for this entire month and I saw that same face in sb yesterday AND tonight as she is going thrugh detox! Just thought you should know. It was ok post that pic. We all KNOW hoe much you love James!