Friday, May 13, 2011

Sonic Happy Hour...

I have a small addiction to Sonic's Vanilla Diet Coke. Mmm. There are lots of days when I just need to get OUT of the house and this is probably the most likely place I go. In addition, there's a Sonic next to my bank and one across the street from Target and Hobby Lobby, so I'm close to them frequently. turns out someone else in our family has a small addicition to these drinks, too! One day this week I ran to the bank and pulled through Sonic before heading back home. It was almost naptime for James and our DVR was full so I sat down on the sofa while he slept and watched Biggest Loser (go purple!). After James was up from his nap I was up and about getting a few things done and I heard a noise coming from the den. I totally forgot that I'd put my Sonic cup on the table and someone was trying to get into it. He had worked so hard to get a sip and had been completely unsuccessful. What a little stinker! (Notice the last picture where he tried to break in through the lid!)

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