Friday, May 6, 2011

Our Week...

I seriously thought that Blogger might be the death of me today. I realized I put my pictures out of order (and that would totally drive me crazy) so I attempted to move them around. The result was only pain, agony, and anger on my I had to completely start from scratch. I sincerely hope that you all enjoy these pictures today because it may be the last time I ever attempt to put pictures on the blog again! HA!

Last Friday, James went to Tifton to spend the night. I'd been looking for my little el cheapo camera and had no idea where it could be. Well, apparently it was in James' duffle bag because I got these pictures as a surprise from his trip!

There is a similar "plundering" picture of me around this age. I'll have to find it so that we can compare.

Anna and her friends were leaving to go to St. Augustine on her Bachlorette Party. I did not attend because I co-hosted Shelley's shower that was planned before her trip was planned (not to mention I was a little skerred of going with those crazy girls!) but Anna and Molly (my baby cousin) got smooches from James before they left.

The rest are random, around-the-house photos (and the one below of James and Poppy at Poppy's office - notice that they're twins!).

On Wednesday, I let James feed himself macaroni and cheese, peas, and carrots for lunch. He was COVERED in it by the time all was said and done, so we had a mid-day bath to clean up!

After his bath, he wanted to get in his rocking chair and read. Notice the wubbie and paci. Pacis (or tee-cees, as he calls them) are totally off-limits when he's not in bed. Apparently, he isn't aware of this rule because he gets them out of his bed now that he knows how to reach in there for them. Stinker!

He looks SO MUCH like Eddie in this picture (above) to me!

Aunt Melly and Uncle Bobby gave James two touch-and-feel books for Christmas this year and they are some of his favorites. One is about cats and dogs and he likes to love on the animals as he reads. Note the eskimo kiss he's giving to the dog in one of the pictures.

Thursday morning we did a little scooting around the house. James LOVES to get on the scooter or in his Cozy Coupe. He'll yell "Bye!" to me and drive off somewhere. I'd love to know where he thinks he's going!

One of the problems of a little boy staying home with his mama all day is that he tries to be just like me. That means that he wants clips put in his hair and makeup on his face. His daddy is quick to tell him that that stuff is for GIRLS. I, however, can easily be talked into playing along. Unfortunately, he is hair-challenged and what little he has will not hold a hair clip (much to Eddie's delight!). So...we improvise and put our clips on our clothes!

Sometimes, like in the picture above, James likes to put things down his shirt. I won't tell who he picked up this habit from (not me!) but he's copying a certain someone who ONE TIME put her cellphone down her shirt in order to hold it when she didn't have pockets. *Ahem* James saw that one occurrence and has been hooked on putting things down his clothing ever since. (And to the person who started this, yesterday he didn't have a shirt on so his "cellphone" went down his diaper.)

The mirror that is waiting to be hung has been LOTS of fun lately. And yes, those are someone's little finger prints (and mouth prints!) on it!

A gift from some neighbors has been equal parts fun and scary. Elmo freaks him out but he still wants to play with him all the time. The second photo is James' EXCITED face. Ha!

Thursday afternoon was spent in a pull-up. Not because he has gotten so good at potty training that he needs one, but because he fights me on a diaper a lot these days and this makes my life easier. I'm considering putting training underwear on him very soon to coax him into using the potty more often!

Note that he is trying to climb onto the coffee table. He is into EVERYTHING.

We sure are busy, but our hearts are FULL!

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