Tuesday, May 10, 2011

More from the Funny Boy...

I'm trying to remember to compile these as they happen and then share them every once in a while.

* I was on the phone with my mama recently and James talked to her. The conversation went like this:

- Me: Say "Hey, Cacky!"
- James: Hey!
- Me: Say, "I love you!"
-James: *Cough Cough*
- Me: *Laughing hysterically* Say "Bye, bye!"

James cannot control his fake coughs when he's around my mama but apparently they've carried over into phone calls as well!

* James gets M&Ms when he potties. I give him four each time. One day, I caught him mid-poop but still rewarded him. It was the first time in quite a few days that he's had M&Ms. (He did get a cookie at my mama's one weekend for pottying.) Later, I asked him what he wanted for a snack. First, he told me fish and then he changed his mind and asked for, "Nanas!" (M&Ms). It was like he caught himself mid-thought and decided he should give asking for M&Ms a try!

* Pacis are off-limits unless we're trying to get him to go to sleep or we have an accident and we need a little comforting. (Boo boos are always made better by a snuggle and a paci!) However, James has learned he can reach his arm through the crib rails and pull them out. Then he comes walking out of his room with it in his mouth and looks at me like, "What?"

* Eddie was kicked back on the sofa with one foot on the coffee table. James walked by and picked up Eddie's foot that was on the floor and worked and worked to put it with the other foot on the table. He finally got it where he wanted it, said "Bye!" and walked away. Eddie and I broke into hysterical laughter. He is so random and funny!

* On Saturday night when James was sick he woke up at midnight so we decided to just get him up and give him some more medicine and make him drink something. He's started taking sips of a drink and then making an "Ahhh" sounds like it's the best thing ever and it's 1000* outside. Even though he felt horrible on Saturday night, he'd take a sip and say, "Ahhh." Ha!

* James has a fascination with our remote controls. He always has. This morning, I heard the tv in the den go off. I knew that he'd been playing with the remotes so I waited to hear him call me to turn it back on. A few seconds went by and the tv came back on. I guess if he learns to work the remote control before he's 2 he may be better than Cacky! Next up, DVR-ing!

*** No fever this morning from him but he is a GRUMP. He got up at 6:45 and I just put him in his bed a little after 9 because he was so whiny. Hopefully this means we're on the mend, though! ***

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