Saturday, May 28, 2011

James at 19 Months...

James was 19 months on the 20th. 19 months?!? How is that possible? In the past month he has gone even more to the toddler side. If you ask him if he's a baby or a big boy, though, he says "Baby!" Thank goodness he'll humor me for just a little longer!

We had an "unofficial" weigh-in at the doctor on May 9. With clothes and shoes on he weighed 25.5 pounds. This morning on the scale he was 26.4 pounds. (At the doctor's office on the 25th he was 26 pounds, 14.5 ounces. I THOUGHT he was going through a growth spurt!) He's 31.5-32 inches.

We're still usually on a 10am/2pm nap schedule for now. Occassionally, he will skip either morning or afternoon, but usually we're doing two-a-days. I thought we might be moving in the one nap direction but he's just such a grump right around those times every day. HOWEVER, his new wake up time is around 6:45 so I'm assuming we may be getting too much daytime sleep. Who knows. One thing I've learned as his mama is that if I think I have sleeping figured out, he throws me for a loop!

Daily Schedule:
Most recently, he gets up around 6:45 and has breakfast with Daddy because he's getting ready for work and I am not a morning person. Eddie commented today that the earliest I get up all week long is on Sunday for church. :) I am lazy and sloooow to wake up in the early mornings. Even more so now that I don't have to do it every day. When James gets up he has his "coffee" (a.k.a. - two cups of milk...should you forgo this step there will be crying and gnashing of teeth). I usually do a diaper change after his "coffee" (Eddie does it before and just puts up with the fighting) but we may be going straight to the potty when we get up very soon. I'm hoping that we'll start tee-tee-ing on the potty very soon! He has breakfast (and a tv show - Mickey, Jake, Elmo, or Manny) and then he plays and plays and plays. If he takes a morning nap it's usually sometime between 10-11am. Daddy comes home sometime between 12-1 every day and we eat lunch with him. After Eddie leaves James may finish his lunch or we play, play, play again. He usually goes down for a nap again around 2. Sometimes he sleeps 2-3, sometimes it's 2-5. There's no telling. I get things done around the house and start supper during this time. Daddy comes home around 5:30-6 and the boys play while I finish supper. James has a bath 7:30-8 and goes to bed between 8:30-9pm. * If we run errands we either go around 9-ish and he takes a nap when we finish (or skips it) or we go as soon as Eddie leaves after lunch.

Favorite Foods:
Chicken nuggets, Buddy Fruits, cheese, waffles, goldfish, Italian food, baby food green beans, baby food in general, applesauce, milk, cookies, water, macaroni and cheese. (Obviously, he's quite healthy...not! I still feed him baby food because he gags on real fruit and veggies. AND he gags on peanut butter. PEANUT BUTTER. What a nut. {No pun intended!})

*** This post was obviously written before we discovered the possible nut allergy. ***

Favorite Toys:
Balls (baws), water, water, water, Scout, remote controls, cellphones, cordless phones, books, tupperware, wooden spoons, his Cozy Coupe, anything Elmo, his dumptruck.

Favorite TV Shows:
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Handy Manny, Elmo on Sesame Street, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, and Arthur.

Favorite Songs:
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Monkeys Jumping on the Bed, Monkeys Swinging in the Tree, The Itsy Bitsy Spider, and Little Bunny FooFoo. He's made up little hand motions to let me know which song to sing but sometimes it isn't the song he thinks he's requesting. He'll shake his head no and I'll have to start each song that we sing until I pick the right one. Such a stinker!

Still working on potty training!

Mama, Mommy, Daddy, Cacky (KiKi), Poppy, YaYa, Papa, Paci (Tici), Dixie, Grandmama ("Mama"), Granddaddy ("Daddy"), power ("bower" - he likes to turn things on and off), cookie (said through his nose), shoes (said through his nose), hey, bye, uh-oh, keys, cheese, no no, and I love you (I, you). Over the weekend he picked up a new word and it is HILARIOUS. He says "Whoa!" now. Hahaha! He backed up to the recliner yesterday and when it moved he almost fell over. He straightened up, looked at me, and said, "Whoa!" (He picked this up from either Anna or John. Eddie thinks John but Anna says "Whoa!" a lot. Is that spelled right? It looks funny!)

Eat, More, Milk, All Done, No-No, Please, Thank You

Animal Sounds:
Dog, Elephant, Fish, Cow, Duck, Cat, and Horse


Amy said...

have you found out anything about the nut allergy yet?
hopefully it was just a fluke!!
libbi says, "woah", too - so funny! she says it anytime she almost falls or something is off balance - we hear, "woah, woah, woah!" i have no idea where this came from :)

Lauren and Eddie said...

We tried to get blood twice last week and couldn't do it. James was fine, the people were very nervous about it. (????) The dr called me Friday night and said he's been trying to think of an alternative solution but the bottom line is that we HAVE to have blood. So...We're going to have to talk w/ our insurance company on Monday to see if we can be seen elsewhere. The place that takes our insurance isn't as competent at drawing blood from children (obviously). The hospital is better equipped. Eddie has to talk to the insurance and the hospital tomorrow - or Tuesday, I guess - to see how much it would be out of pocket. Hopefully it'll get worked out. We'll know more once they get blood test results back. Thank goodness it's not an emergency! We're just back to avoiding nuts now!

Lauren said...

He looks like such a big boy in the jumper! and yes! Keep us posted on the allergy thing!

Lauren and Eddie said...

He is far too big for it but when the booster seat's tray isn't clean I still use it to "trap" him. ;)

Anna Catherine said...

I didn't know I said woah a lot! haha! May be it was me that he caught it from!