Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Down Memory Lane...

When I posted the video of James and Scout drinking out of the water table last week, I promised my baby cousin that I'd post more videos this week. And it seems like a good time to do it because I am all kinds of busy doing secretive things that will be revealed after all is said and done. *Wink, wink* So, a trip down memory lane and a look back at my teeny baby boy. (Please excuse his mama's annoying voice in the background. I try to be quiet when I'm video taping him, but sometimes I can't help but talk to him!) I'm posting two today and I'll do a few tomorrow and a few next week.

Video #1: Baby Snoring. Filmed on November 5, 2009. James was 16 days old. :)

Video #2: Smiling at the Fish. Filmed November 17, 2008. James was almost one month.

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Maria said...

Hey! This is Maria from you craft me up! I wanted to let you know that you are the winner of the kitchen aid vinyl! Contact me asap and I will give you the info you need and get yours as well. Congrats! :)