Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Let's back up a few days and start with Wednesday. After James' doctor's appointment we came home and he took a {short} nap. Afterwards, I took him outside to put some mileage on his new swing! This boy is in LOVE. I'll pull the swing back and say "One, two, THREE!" and let go so now anytime I say "One, two..." James shouts "BREE!!!" Sweet boy!

Thursday evening we drove to Roswell to spend the night at Dad and Laura's so that Eddie could take my car to Carmax on Friday morning and have the front tires replaced, the paint touched up, etc. (Things they couldn't do the day we bought it because the service department is closed on Sundays.) James and I spent the morning with YaYa and then we all met Papa for lunch at Wildfire at Perimeter Mall. DELICIOUS. It was a quick trip (we left right after lunch) but lots of fun. I took no pictures but a funny one of Dad showed up on my camera. I'm pretty sure John was the photographer there! Dad looks a little goofy so I chose not to embarrass him!

Friday evening I was beginning to work on lunch for Sunday so James was spending the time outside with Eddie. They were checking the sprinklers and Eddie called for me to come outside. James wasn't a huge fan of the sprinklers - they're a little scary - but you can see that he wasn't deterred from playing in the water.

In the meantime, I made two key lime pies. Mmm. (Whitney, this is my only food picture! I thought about it Friday and then totally forgot!)

Saturday morning was the church's EGG HUNT! I was so excited! We had brunch in the Fellowship Hall and there was an entertainer. He was really funny. James, however, wasn't thrilled with having to sit still. We finally had to break down and get the booster seat with a tray to keep him strapped down! I only got pictures of the back of James' head during the egg hunt. He managed to grab several eggs and keep all of them in his basket!

James decided not to take a nap Saturday afternoon (AWESOME!) and then he stayed up until 10pm. Anna called me at 9:30 and she and Lance were leaving the movie theater down the street from our house so when she found out James was still awake, they decided to come by for a goodnight kiss!

Sunday morning we got up bright and early to get ready for the Easter service. We always go to the 9am service but today we were there by 8:30. Whew! It was a coffee kind of a day! After church I made the boys pose for pictures in the backyard. You can see that someone wasn't thrilled. (Lib, this is for you! It's not always perfect!)

I fixed our lunch and Grandmamma, Granddaddy, Anna, and Lance joined us. They stayed for a little while this afternoon to play with the little stinker. He was a tired boy (he didn't want to nap again this morning!) so he showed out a tiny tad for them (face down on the sidewalk throwing pinestraw!) but overall we had a GREAT time!

Hope you all enjoyed your Easter as well!

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Lauren said...

the last family pic of yall is perfect and definitely a framer!