Saturday, December 11, 2010

This Week...

It snowed at our house this week. I kept seeing Facebook statuses that would say, "It's SNOWING in Tifton!" or "It's SNOWING in Macon!" I thought we'd been skipped right over. BUT...mid-afternoon I stepped outside to add something to our wreath and low and behold - I heard the snow falling. Granted, it might've been super icy, but it was snow all the same. I took this picture from our back door (and it's obvious I was INSIDE the back door from my horrible shot...I wasn't going out in that freezing cold!). I took it a little early apparently because the next morning when I let Scout out there was still snow on the ground in our yard! Wow!

 Mom and Sonny went to New Orleans in October and they brought James two strands of beads when they came back. I've only just recently even pulled them out for him to play with but he's had a ball! One strand has a $ on it (his gangsta bling???) and one has trumpets, saxophones, etc. on it. Well, Friday when Eddie got home from work I'd put them on James to play with and the boys proceeded to use the "musical" strand to put on a concert for me. I thought it was too hilarious to pass up posting but don't tell Eddie they're on here!

And yes, he's growing a beard (Eddie, not James). And yes, it's longer than his hair. I still like it!

 See the teeth in the above picture that are popping through and giving us fits lately? I've always heard that teething causes diaper rash (something James' doctor causes TEETH, Lauren!) but we've never had a problem with diaper rash EVER...until two weeks ago. Now? Changing a diaper (even a wet one!) is a two-person job and he's had a prescription called in for his poor little behind. Mean old teeth!

And we're not sure why but he's OBSESSED with his tongue lately...even if there's food on it! Silly boy!

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