Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Here Comes Santa Claus! Ho! Ho! Ho! (Weekend Update!)

What a FUN weekend! Some time with family, some time with friends, some time to ourselves. Perfect combination!

Friday night Eddie came home and we had leftovers and watched "Christmas Vacation." It's Eddie's favorite and he can quote every single word, I think. I just love watching Christmas movies!

Saturday we went to Tifton for Charlie's FIFTH birthday party. I took my camera and had high hopes of being a great blogger. Unfortunately, I left my camera card at home. Doh! At least it wasn't James' birthday party! We had lots of fun watching all the little superheros run around!

After the party James and Eddie visited Grandmama and Granddaddy and Mom, Anna, and I did some Christmas shopping. They each wound up with a gift and I wound up with nothing. Oh well.

We had an impromptu Dinner Club of hamburgers at the Warren's and wound up staying until after 9. Thankfully, James hung out with Cacky and Poppy so he could nap while we were gone. It was lovely! We so enjoy visiting with our friends!

Sunday morning we went to church and watched the Christmas Cantata. My favorite service all year! It's wonderful. I love an orchestra! We went to Sunday School afterwards and then ran home to change clothes quickly.

Our afternoon plans were to see Santa, have lunch, and get some of our Christmas shopping done. We ran up to Bass Pro to see Santa. I didn't get a picture as cute as this one from last year, but at least James didn't cry!

James did not really even GLANCE at Santa. Eddie sat him down in Santa's lap and backed away. I clicked several pictures rapidly, James decided he didn't like that we'd left him and started to fuss, and Eddie wisked him out of Santa's lap. It was over very quickly!

In a bit of randomness (because we're known for that), I chatted with the mom behind me in line while we both waited on our husbands and children and she mentioned they were from Moultrie. When her husband and Eddie arrived they realized they knew one another. It was Keith Summerlin and his wife and two kids. Small world!

James enjoyed the fish before we left:

We had lunch at our favorite Mexican place and James thought the waiter was HILARIOUS. He brought James a pink balloon and I didn't think much of it until he told him "Bye, Princess!" when we left. I'm not sure why people so often mistake him for a girl. I think he's pretty, but I think he looks like a boy. It's usually when I have him in his little church outfits but happens other times, too. Oh well.

We did a little shopping at River Crossing after lunch and I'm not sure whose idea that was *ahem* but it was a stupid one. It was in the low thirties and SNOWING. River Crossing is one of those outdoor malls. We didn't last terribly long before we came home. At least I got a few things!

I had a blonde moment last night while I was wrapping. I got a few things in from Willow House on Saturday so I'd unpacked the boxes and was using the empty boxes to wrap what I'd bought while shopping. I got Kelly's gift totally wrapped and under the tree and went to put together one of my Willow House items. Unfortunately, I'd mistakenly left part of my thing in the box I'd wrapped Kelly's gift in. Ha! I had to unwrap and rewrap her gift. My brain is so fuzzy lately!

Here's my little helper yesterday morning while I was taking pictures of our decorations. He was telling y'all "Heyyyyy!"

Enjoy your week!

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Amy said...

love the pictures with santa! i think these are some of the cutest pictures of james, too. and WHAT?!?! princess???? i would NEVER think he was a girl - ever! that is insane!