Monday, November 8, 2010

Weekend Update...

I'm not sure where the weekend went but it is OVER and I can't believe it!

Friday night after Eddie got off work we ran up to Macon to search for jeans for both of us. Why are jeans such a hassle to find? I wear jeans every day but they are the WORST thing to shop for! We ran in Gap and I strolled around the store with James while Eddie tried on jeans and then we swapped. We were unsuccessful on the jeans front. Then we ran down to DSW (hallelujah!) and I was unsuccessful at finding any boots I really wanted. After a quick stop into Hancock Fabrics to look for pink bandana fabric (strike three!) we had supper at Sticky Fingers and called it a night!

Saturday morning we got up and I had to print and stuff envelopes for a baby shower I'm helping to host in two weekends. We got those to the post office just before lunch and after a quick stop by Goodwill (poor little Scout needed new blankets for her crate but she no longer gets new things because she tears those up...) we had some Chick-fil-A and headed home to put a BEYOND tired little boy down for a nap.

After a nap we went to a park to meet Mrs. Hope Baldwin. We were going to take pictures for Christmas cards, James' one year, and Halloween. Unfortunately, it was 40* BELOW zero on Saturday in the shade so I made the call NOT to change James' clothes. It would've been hateful to put him in the shortall he wore at his birthday party. I'll just have to do without those pictures. Here is what we did get, though. (Again, all credit goes to Hope Baldwin Photography! We loved her!)

If you happen to be on my Christmas card list, please act surprised if you happen to see one of these images show up in your mailbox in a few weeks! :)

Sunday morning we got up bright and early (although, with the falling back it wasn't quite as bright and early as it appeared!) and headed to Athens, Georgia! I was SO excited to make the trip. And yes, we know that Georgia games are on Saturday and that we missed one this weekend. We went straight to Bear Hollow to meet Fake Aunt Lib and stroll around and look at some animals. It was James' first trip to a "zoo" and his mama forgot to bring her camera. Mother of the year, anyone? We also missed out on taking the traditional Fake Aunt Lib picture (which would've been GREAT this time because James thoroughly enjoyed being held by her! Their first meeting wasn't quite as friendly! Ha!) AND I was going to begin striking off one of my goals of "Take more pictures with me in them," and have Eddie take a picture of Lib and me. Oh well.

We left Bear Hollow and went back out to Watkinsville to have lunch with the Guests. Dutch and Mary Beth recently had a sweet baby girl, Sarah Beth, and we'd made the trip up to meet her. Dutch grilled burgers, Mary Beth made baked beans, we brought macaroni and cheese, and salad and it was so much fun to just visit with them! Again, Mother of the Year over here has no pictures to show for it. That's a shame for sure because Miss Sarah Beth is a PEANUT and it would be great to show the size difference in the two babes. James showed not much interest in her at all until her mama and daddy tried to burp her. Apparently, she wanted to be a little lady and not burp in front of us so they were patting and patting and she was hungry so James was concerned about her well-being. He tried to climb up on the sofa with Mary Beth and Dutch and help take care of her. It was pretty cute. He's never shown any jealous tendencies at all when either of us holds another baby so maybe one day (when he's 10) if we have another he'll be a sweet big brother and not be jealous!

When we got home last night we were all ready to go to bed around 7pm. Unfortunately, we knew that wouldn't work so we held our eyes open for a little longer.

The time change must've thrown James for a loop because Eddie said he got up with him at 1 and 4. Oops. I didn't hear him at all!

Hope you enjoyed your weekend. Enjoy the (warmer) weather this week!

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