Monday, October 25, 2010

THE Birthday...Part I

Because I have uploaded and edited 156 photos from Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, I'm going to break the birthday into "parts." Hopefully I won't go over my blog's picture limit and I won't overwhelm those of you who don't really care!

On Wednesday night we celebrated James' birthday with a cupcake and a little practice in the present-opening department.

 James' current favorite "face" can be seen above. He sniffs. We're not sure what it's about, although it's typically when he's really happy or excited about something, but we think it's hilarious and we sniff right along with him! This and the fake cough he puts on for the grandparents are his favorite things right now!

He's never met something sugary that he doesn't like! He also got whole milk for the first time!

He got a learning table from us. It has a piano, computer, phone, and "book" on it and he loves it. It has different settings and so far my favorite is the music setting. We'll see if the songs start getting stuck in my head!

 He says, "Heeeeeyyyy," when he "answers" the phone. It's SO funny!

He also got a Mickey Mouse hooded towel. He liked it more when I had it on. It's precious, though!

James had a happy birthday!
Stay tuned for Part II: Friday Night Decorating!


Anonymous said...

Love, love, love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

pcb said...

The music table is great...and yes, the songs WILL be stuck in your head.