Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Funny Boy...

The first video is of James' "excited face" that we have told everyone about. He has recently decided that he loves everything that we eat, even if he hasn't tried it. He even pulled this on Miss Amanda in the nursery the other day. Apparently, it's not limited to food because he did it when I got out the hand sanitizer at lunch today.

James likes to play Peek-A-Boo but has only recently discovered how to "hide." You'll see that even that needs some practice!

Today at Target we got a new toy. We have one very similar at Papa and Laura's and James borrowed Reid's the other night when we were at his house. I bought it because I thought it might encourage him to start working on standing on his own and walking. He has absolutely no interest in doing either thing. He'd rather crawl or be carried. He does, however, enjoy riding on his new "plane" with Uga.


Jenna said...

ok he is FOR REAL the cutest thing! i love the one on his riding around laughing. what a precious babe!!! and i make that same excited face when i see food. :-)

pcb said...

Is there a better sound in God's world than a baby laughing? I think not. :)