Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Few Thoughts...

1. I would like to remind the Bulldog Nation that kickoff is in just over two weeks. While I am well-aware that it will be forty-eleven-hundred degrees at that 12:21 kickoff, it will be the true beginning of fall. I wish I could be in Athens on that fine day.

2. James stayed in the nursery at church yesterday while I was in Bible study. When I walked in to pick him up, he was lifting the skirt of a little girl who is just a few weeks younger than him. We had a talk about being a gentleman and church manners on the way home from church. Hopefully, this will not be an issue when he is a teenager.

3. I slept terribly last night. Eddie slept terribly last night. (I didn't ask him if he did but he got up at least twice...that's terrible in my book!) James slept terribly last night. If you seen one of us today, please excuse the circles under our eyes.

4. Speaking of James (again), I was awakened to the sound of screaming this morning. I do believe that  if someone happened to be standing outside of our house this morning, they would've called the police. I'm assuming no one was there because no officers have shown up at our door. I knew from the screams what was wrong. James has, on several occasions, slipped and fallen in his crib (he likes to greet us standing up!) and his chubby little leg (always the right leg) has gotten stuck between the slats. I have to make an observation about this. I know the new thing is to put them closer together so that heads don't get stuck, but I really feel like legs getting stuck is a problem as well. It was stuck-stuck. Pititful. It got pinched when I was trying to get it out. It's a wonder he didn't really hurt himself. We had to snuggle and rock for a few minutes to recover. Then we watched some Mickey Mouse.

5. I'm placing another Willow House order within the next week. I would love to order something for you! No minimum order but if you order $39.96 you'll get any item under $40 for half-price! I think it's a great deal!

6. UGA. Kickoff. 2 weeks.

7. My baby will be TEN months old tomorrow. Tears! I cannot believe how quickly it's flown by.

8. We went from having nothing to do this weekend to being busy bees again! Looking forward to pizza and swimming with some friends tomorrow night and getting to see Ashley, who is now a college sophomore (!), on Saturday. She's rushing this week and I'm excited to hear about it!

Y'all have a great day! Hopefully there will be lots of sweet pictures of my too-big boy tomorrow!


Amy said...

oh my gosh! libbi has gotten her legs stuck in her crib slats so many times!! it is awful....i hear her screaming over the monitor and you're right, it's one of those "come-here-this-instant-or-i'm-gonna-die" screams and i rush in to find her leg wedged in the slats. poor things - guess that is one of the pitfalls of having adorably chunky legs:(

Lauren and Eddie said...

Amy, it is certainly the pitfall of chunky legs. On the positive side, they sure are sweet. Libbi's chunkiness is one of the reasons I enjoy reading about her so much!