Thursday, July 15, 2010


We've been working on sign language with James for a few months. We usually sign "more" and "all done" while we're eating, we've done "milk," "drink," and "eat," a little half-heartedly, and we have a list of about twenty words that we should be doing on a regular basis. Recently, James has started responding to "more." Especially in regards to Cheerios.

In the video you can see him sort of do the "more" sign. You tap your finger tips together. He also "says" more.


Anna Catherine said...

Too bad Mom didn't know how to teach John sign language! That child grunted until he was 5! haha!

James has that mmmmmm down pat! I told Lance about his musical Christmas dog puppet and how excited he gets when he hears that thing! You should video him doing that!

Catherine White said...

I love that your teaching James sign language. I taught Lucy , the little girl I nannied in Macon. I also babysat a BUNCH of kids with cochlear implants so it helps me to brush up on my skills! The video was precious!