Thursday, July 8, 2010

*Update* Obsessed...

Update: I'm definitely going to have to cut myself off of Ebay for the next month or so. I haven't spent much money, but it is time consuming! It gets down to the wire at the end of the bidding time and I get nervous! Ha! I did get several cute things and I'm watching a few more cute things (but not bidding yet - I don't want to run the price up!). I have my eye on a few Christmas outfits, but I'm patiently waiting until a little closer to time. I do have several months left!

I have become obsessed lately with tracking down cute smocked and appliqued outfits on Ebay. Obsessed. (This may be part of the reason that I'm not getting enough sleep at night...but just the past two nights.)

It is fantastic to me that you can find cute, inexpensive smocked outfits on that website. I. Love. It.

Currently, I am bidding on the following:

1 Thanksgiving smocked shortall
*** Won this! ***Got it in the mail this week and it's too cute!***

2 Fall shortalls
***One went too high for me to want!***The other went too high as well. No fall church clothes yet!***
1 green longall - good for monogramming
***Won these for $10.25. New with tags!***

1 zoo-themed smocked shortall
***Too high!***
1 birthday party-themed smocked shortall
***I actually won two smocked outfits in J's birthday theme. One will be the right size (hasn't come in) and one was cheap and too big, but I bought it just in case. It is PRECIOUS. I'll show you later when we have our party.***
1 reversible puppy/Santa longall
***Won this one for under $10. The reverse is green with an elf and Christmas presents on it.***

1 Bailey Boys elephants longall
***Went too high for me to want!***

Love, love, love.

On a sidenote, it is disgusting how difficult it is to find cute boys' clothes, even in stores. For every boys' outfit, there are 5 girls'. Can anyone else relate? You girl mamas don't know how good you've got it! (But, on the plus side, less to buy means I spend less money!)

I'll let you know how these bidding wars turn out.


Anonymous said...

Tell Eddie how LUCKY he is. With 5 grands Alphabet Soup loves to see me come in for matching outfits!!!!!

Good luck on the outfits.

Catherine White said...

That is such a good idea! I stalk stores for deals on clothes for our niece! It's soo expensive though! I'll ask mama, she use to go to all kinds of places for clothes for john and william in Macon. I'll let you know!