Saturday, May 8, 2010

Sweet Smiles, Strawberries, and Swings...

It's been a few days since I've posted pictures so here are LOTS to look at:

We've gotten a little better about eating. He's enjoyed butternut squash the past few days. He is also a big fan of any type of mixed fruit with yogurt (the baby food kind, I haven't bought any real yogurt).

Eddie visited Goodwill again the other day. Oh my. He came home with a brand spanking new (no really...tags still on it!) life jacket for $7. The one we were looking at in Overton's was $30. It's only a Type II so there won't be too much action with it, but we've got it anyway!

Forgot to tell about our newest update to the house. My photography skills are LACKING in these to pictures, but we added blinds to the front and back doors. HUGE difference in the afternoon when the blinds are closed and I can actually use the peep hole to decide whether or not to answer the door!

We have had the most fun day today! We got up and went to Lane Produce this morning to pick strawberries, eat ice cream (before lunch!), and swing. It was so much fun!

Lots of swinging pictures, but I couldn't resist those smiles!

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