Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend Update...

Our weekend started out much like every other weekend does - going out to eat! We went to our favorite Mexican restaurant in town and then made a stop by Lowe's (surprise, surprise!) before heading home. We'd rented Avatar to watch. Unfortunately, we hated it. I'm not sure what all the hype was really about. Yes, it would've been cool in 3D but I would have hated to have wasted money on it. The plot, to me, was boring! Two thumbs WAY down!

On Saturday we got up and got started around the house. Eddie mentioned that Scout had gotten sick in her crate during the night but we didn't really think much about it. By about 11, we realized she was a very sick puppy and Eddie elected to take her to the vet. Thank goodness he had taken her a few weekends ago! Otherwise we wouldn't have had any place to go! The vet hooked her up to an IV, did several X-rays, took her off food, and decided that they weren't sure what was wrong. The IV as well as anti-nausea medicine worked wonders for her and she seemed to perk up a little by that afternoon. He called to tell us that there might be an obstruction in her abdomen and he wanted to continue X-rays to watch it. He also mentioned that she had blood in her urine so they thought it could be a UTI. We didn't hear from him again until this morning when he called to let us know that she'd made a full recovery and was ready to be picked up. The official diagnosis was "pancreatitis" which is usually found in Schnauzers and Yorkies (she's a lab-mix) and is more commonly found in dogs that are fed high-fat foods or table scraps. She doesn't often get table scraps at our house. We might give her leftovers every once in a while, but it is certainly not often. The cheap dogfood that she is given is more likely the culprit. The vet advised that we switch to a low-fat or senior dogfood and take her completely off of wet food. We bought a 5-lb bag of Iams while we were at the vet's just to hold her over until she's completely well. As much as all of this cost, Scout will be looking (starting tomorrow) for a summer job. If you know of anything, let us know. Ha!

Aside from that drama on Saturday we also met Dad and Laura in Macon for another round of delicious Mexican food at La Parilla. We enjoyed dinner and James showed off and flirted with all the ladies that were around us. Afterwards, we went to Dick's Sporting Goods to browse around and try out every single ball in the store.

Sunday morning we went to church. James is a true fan of the church nursery. He is thoroughly entertained by the "big kids" and I think that they, in turn, are thoroughly entertained by him! It certainly makes it easier for me to drop him off!

After church we headed to the lake to have lunch with Mrs. Bobby, Mr. Tommy, and Kelly. It was a quick trip but we definitely got in some delicious Memorial Day-fare including ribs and hamburgers. Mmmm....

Sunday afternoon was spent back at the house lazing around. We lowered James' bed so that he is, officially, a "big baby" instead of a "tiny baby." (If you've seen him you know how much of a joke that is!) I also spent the evening texting with Anna and being fussed at by Eddie because I should "Just pick up the dang phone and call her!" (He finally took my phone from me, dialed Anna's number, and handed it back.)

Today we went for a morning walk, picked up Scout, played with Scout and James and I have spent the remainder of the day listening for Daddy to walk in and out of the house. It is James' favorite game. He stops everything when he hears the door open and waits for the off-chance that Eddie might grace us with his presence. He is a Daddy's Boy for sure!

I am reading, reading, reading every chance I get and hope to have several Book Updates this week! Thanks to those of you who are book nerds as well for commenting! I bet there are more of you who have your own summer reading list! (I'd probably get more response if we talked about summer movies or summer tv shows, huh?)


Anna Catherine said...

First off, Avatar was amazing in the theatre but when we rented it we didn't even finish watching it. It was pretty awful at home so I definitely get why yall didn't like it.
Second, Scout is more than welcome to come babysit Finn in two weeks. He listens very well to girls and I'm sure she would put him in his place!
Third, I started Chelsea Handler's book a few days ago and I'm almost halfway through. I'm definitely thinking I could write my own book based off my life after reading her book. I know I'm not already famous...but I think we're pretty funny...

Lori Bargeron said...

I didn't like Avatar either.

I'm so glad that yall got good news about Scout. Jake got sick eating the cheap dogfood also. My dog, Dixie, that I had as a child had pancreatitis (sp?) also. It makes them really sick fast. I'm glad that yall caught it early.

I love the new profile pic. James is such a cutie!!! Can't wait to see yall again soon! Love ya!