Thursday, May 13, 2010

Catching Up...

I feel like we've had a busy week, even though we probably really haven't. We stayed home on Monday and got some of my housework done. Tuesday we had to run a few errands (such as taking the ricotta cheese I bought on Monday night back to the grocery store because it was moldy...yuck!) but mostly stayed around the house.

Yesterday my mom came to visit us and we got some errands finished again. I've been on the hunt for the perfect summer dresses. I came up with no dresses yesterday, but did get two cute sweaters! James was a little show-off yesterday. He showed Cacky how to dance, how to jump, how delicious green beans and bananas and oranges are, and tried (unsuccessfully) to blow raspberries. I think that's his newest trick. (An older trick is the dancing. I can ask him how to dance and he wiggles back and forth. It's hilarious, especially if the person isn't expecting it. He gets a big kick out of it, too!)

Last night I got horrible news. Our community took a huge hit yesterday when 50 middle and high school teachers were laid off. On of my good friends that I got to know well last year and have kept up with this year was thrilled that she'd gotten a job at the brand new high school in town. She'd been to several meetings there already and was feeling great about her new position. She got called into a meeting yesterday and was told that they were going to have to cut positions and she was one of the last hires. That doesn't mean that she goes back to the old job at the old school. Nope. That means no job at all. Does that not blow your mind? Another teacher I worked with last year teaches a high school elective class. She was called in yesterday and told that they'd be moving a teacher from another school to her position. Does she get another job within the system? Nope. No job next year. Awesome that they waited until the middle of May for this, huh? I'm astonished. I realize that it isn't entirely the system's fault - the Georgia school system is failing entirely - but this is a huge hit. I'm waiting to hear who else this happened to. Since I'm not teaching this year I haven't heard all the details, but I did hear snippets of information earlier in the year that our superintendent took a pay raise at the beginning of the year (WHAT?!?!) and then announced he was retiring at the end of the year. If that's true, he's a great man, huh? Whew. I am thanking the Lord every day that I'm able to stay home. Please, please pray for my friends who lost their jobs. I know that God is entirely big enough to turn this all around and I know that He's also capable of big "hidden blessings." For one friend, we can already see the blessing that this may have been. I hope that for the others doors begin to open all around them.

On a different note, a friend emailed me about my thoughts on So Long, Insecurity and I remembered that I needed to share those! I'll get on that later. I haven't been reading a ton lately. (I actually broke out a Nancy Drew book yesterday because I feel like all the reading I've been doing lately is the kind where you really have to think and highlight and take notes...I needed a break from that!)

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