Sunday, March 7, 2010

What's For Dinner...

This week is going to be a little different for us. A few weeks ago, Mom emailed me a link to a website called E-Mealz. We looked at it and sort of forgot about it. This morning, I decided to look at it again.

E-Mealz has several options that you can choose from. Each plan is $15/3 months. The first plan is just your 7-days-a-week plan for 4-6 people. You can choose from a variety of grocery stores or "any" store. There is also a 5-days-a-week plan for 2 people. Then there are low-fat and Weight Watchers options. If you choose a specific grocery store it uses the sales for that week to come up with a menu. Makes it a little more wallet-friendly.

We chose the 7-days-a-week plan for 4-6 people. We're picky people. We definitely turn our noses up at a lot of foods. With 7 days, we can pick and choose which ones we want. We also chose Publix as our grocery store, as I refuse to shop anywhere else. (Sorry Tiftonites!) Once the 3 months are up, if we've enjoyed it I'll renew. I might try one of the other plans as well.

My first thought on the plan is that it isn't figure-friendly (hence, the reason I might consider the low-fat or WW plan). One of the nights' options is Classic Pot Pies (read: frozen Marie Callender Pot Pies). I know that I can alter some of the things to be lower in fat and calories, so that's what I hope to do.

I'll let you know how it's going. I'm looking forward to trying it! We're busy doing a budget through Dave Ramsey and he endorses this program so we're even more intrigued. Hopefully it'll show us a change in our food budget! Groceries are expensive!


pcb said...

Ashley got us on the e-mealz bus...I do the WalMart low carb version and we have liked nearly everything. Doing one of the family plans lets us have leftovers to take for lunch, too. One of the best things (besides the grocery list being done for me) is that we're trying some new things.

Lauren and Eddie said...

I'm glad to know that you like the low carb version. I still think the plan will be easier for us (Eddie said it was worth the $5 just so I don't ask him what he wants) but I'm thinking that I'll try the low fat plan next time. We'll see! We're like you guys...we wanted the extras for leftovers or to freeze.