Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Family Trees

Apparently I'm NOT the only one with an interest in genealogy! I am completely sucked in. At naptime yesterday I did as much as I could (still using the free part of and found a TON about Daddy's maternal grandmother's family. It was absolutely amazing. She was a Hobby and I traced that line to North Georgia, North Carolina, Virginia, and England - all the way back to 1600!!!! Including my daddy, James, and me it was a total of 15 generations! Shocking! (I got lucky and found that many, many people had already done all of the work for me, I just had to keep finding the fathers of each generation.)

Tomorrow I'll see how far I can get on Mama's daddy's family. I can't wait. I am totally into this!

PS - At some point I'll try the other website that was mentioned in the comments!!!

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