Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Here Comes Santa Claus!

Mom came up today to finish continue her Christmas shopping and James and I tagged along so that I could finish Eddie's shopping for me. *Sigh* It's no fun knowing what you're getting for Christmas. (I have some great gifts, though. He's going to be so surprised and excited when I open them. Ha!)

We went by Creter's (cutesy little shop in Macon!) and then headed to Rivers Crossing. Anyone else think my child has been there and Lowe's more times than anywhere else in his life?

Around 5:30 we loaded up and headed over to Bass Pro to meet Eddie and get a picture with the man in the red suit. James loved Santa. We thought he was fantastic. He wasn't fake-y looking, the line was short, and the picture was FREE! Woohoo!


pcb said...

Those are SO GOOD! That last one, especially, is precious...definitely one to use to make a picture ornament.

Anna Catherine said...

Absolutely precious! I love the last one!