Friday, November 20, 2009

James At One Month

James is ONE month old today! Can you believe it??? We sure can't! We celebrated tonight by going out to Outback and Target. We were going to try a bottle tonight but it was too late when we got home. We'll try tomorrow! Woohoo!

At one month, James:

* weighs between 11 pounds. Can you believe that?!?! What a chunk!

* is 22.5 inches long.

* loves to be snuggled and prefers to sleep in a room where someone is. On occasion we can sneak out but if he's napping he really wants to hear us close by.

* can still wear newborn diapers but is also wearing size one. This is more out of necessity. We're out of newborn size but we have PLENTY of ones! However, his belly has gotten so big and he's gotten so long that he really has outgrown the newborns!

* takes Mylicon after every meal. If I DO forget, it usually doesn't turn out well! (He's also quite the dramatic little man and gags and acts as though it tastes HORRIBLE when I give it to him. Even the berry flavor! I've tried it and I didn't think it tasted bad!)

* eats every three hours but can go a little longer (4.5 to 5 hours once every night - usually between his last feeding before bedtime and the first middle-of-the-night feeding).

* uses a pacifier only when truly necessary - during a meltdown or when trying to go to sleep. If he's content he won't take it!

* is sleeping (finally!) in his Pack-N-Play. He won't sleep there without the Miracle Blanket, though. He's napping in his swing (or the Bargeron's travel swing) or in my arms during the day.

* has started to get really consistent about sleeping and awake times. Once he goes to bed for the night, he's good to go! He sleeps for three hour stretches and wakes up to eat but goes right back to sleep. (Hope that doesn't jinx us!) Once I get up in the morning to feed him he generally plays for a bit and then goes back to sleep for 2-3 hours. He wakes up around lunch, eats, play, and then is cranky for a while. This is generally when I wind up holding him, rocking him, etc. I try my best to hold him off for 3 hours and then feed him again. In the afternoon he sleeps good in his swing for another 3 hours. He wakes up right before Eddie gets home, eats, plays, and then goes into grumpy mode again!

* LOVES his carset!

* LOVES to be on the go!

* LOVES to swing! This currently beats out the playmat on the floor.

* LOVES a bath (as long as no water gets in his eyes...he won't close his eyes!!!)

* can hold his head up for a few seconds but is only into tummy time for a few minutes then he's had it and starts wailing!

* has been smiling for about two weeks. It seems very intentional!

* is the gruntiest thing you've ever heard! It's a good thing that Eddie and I are not light sleepers! That child grunts, growls, and coos ALL night long in his sleep!

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