Saturday, October 17, 2009

Weekend Update...

I know I said I wouldn't post again until I knew something on Monday, but we're having such a fun weekend I wanted to share! Too bad my husband won't let me take pictures of just him. Memories in my head will have to do!

Last night we decided to go to Olive Garden for supper. I was in a great mood and felt fantastic. I'd gotten out of the house EVERY day for one reason or another and I was just feelin' wonderful. Just a good day altogether. (Mom came yesterday as well and she and I went to O'Charley's and Target - that, I feel sure, lifted my mood to start with.) When we got to O.G. it was PACKED. There was a 35 minute wait. We haven't waited at a restaurant in MONTHS so I'm not sure what the deal was. Maybe the news broadcast the other day that our town is no longer in a recession???

Anywho...we decided to try Outback instead. The wait there was only 15-25 minutes so we decided to stay. Several weeks ago Eddie bought a discount card from a co-worker and we knew if we had two entrees we'd get a free appetizer...hog heaven for my cheapo. While we were waiting I actually saw a former co-worker from last year. It was great to run into her and chat for a minute. After we were seated we ordered a Bloomin' Onion (a heart attack waiting to happen, but oh so delicious), I decided on Alice Springs Chicken (with no slimy mushrooms), and Eddie ordered a steak. When the food came the waitress brought out a tenderloin for him. Whoops! Wrong thing! The waiter who took our order swears Eddie had ordered that (he hadn't...I remembered the exact size of the steak he'd ordered and never would've guessed only 8 ounces if I hadn't heard it) but the manager was very apologetic. It took so long to make his real meal that I was finished with mine by the time his came. So...the manager took care of Eddie's meal for us. That meant that we'd gotten a free appetizer and a free steak entree'. Our entire bill came to $20. Wow! Definitely a good deal!

When we left Eddie needed to go to Kroger because he realized he was almost out of McCormick Hot Shot. He's pretty much obsessed with it. It's our most-used spice. He couldn't find it at our Publix the other day so since we were right next to Kroger, we decided to check. I was definitely excited because Kroger is home of one of our two Starbucks. Mmmm...dessert (like I needed it at that point!). Unfortunately, my hopes were dashed upon walking in the door because the texting teenager working there said they'd already closed for the evening. I settled for apple cider when we got home.

At home, Eddie watched an episode of Trueblood (I'm over it...too gross) and I played on the laptop in the den. We went to bed relatively early and I slept VERY soundly ALL night (except the one time I had to go potty - typically it's more like 3 or 4 times of getting up so that was a VAST improvement).

Eddie said he got up this morning at around 7:15. I usually hear him get up and don't go back to sleep but I slept until 8:45 today. Miraculous. He didn't want to wake me up because I was sleeping so soundly! When I finally did get up, we got ready and headed out to the fair.

It sure is a good thing I bought myself a long-sleeved maternity shirt at Target yesterday. When we left the house it was around 50*, windy, and chilly! I even made Eddie climb up into the attic to find one of my puffy vests. I probably should make him take a picture of me because I can only button one button. Ha! My belly pokes out the bottom! We got to the fair a little after ten and browsed through all of the buildings and looked at all the animals. We walked around for a little over two hours and I only sat down to rest twice! Needless to say, my hips are hurting this afternoon! I'm so glad we went today. There were hardly any people there, it was cool and nice out, and we had SUCH a fun time! (Anna, I found the circus but they didn't have a show until 2pm and we left around 12:30...maybe next year! We did find the large cat exhibit and that was pretty cool!)

This afternoon I've been pretty much worthless. I sat on the sofa, looked at catalogs, watched some DVR'ed TV, and took a little 20 minute nap. Eddie has been outside mowing the grass and picking up in the garage so that my car can be parked there when we come home from the hospital. A bit ago I decided that potato soup for supper would be fantastic so Eddie's run out to the grocery store to pick up a few things for that. I think I might also make pumpkin muffins tonight. Our plan is just to stay around here and maybe build a fire in the outdoor fire place.

I know that this has gotten long, but I wanted to be able to remember what we'd done on our last "just us" weekend. It has been so much fun! I can't wait to meet our new little man, but I'm so glad we got one last fun weekend in for just the two of us before he gets here!


pcb said...

I made potato and sausage chowder for our supper! Guess it's this weather.

I'll be waiting to hear about the new arrival and in the meantime sending up a prayer that your labor and delivery goes smoothly.

Anna Catherine said...

I'm so glad the fair weather was better for you guys than it was for us! If Lance hadn't been on call this weekend, we would've come too!
We didn't go to the circus either because there was a long line everytime we went by!
Tell James he can't stay in there forever! It's time already!