Monday, September 7, 2009

The Weekend In Review...

We had a HILARIOUS weekend. The whole thing was just funny and random!
Eddie and I arrived at Dad and Laura's on Friday night at around 9:15. We'd stopped on the way up at Tanger to buy The Boy a Halloween costume. It will be WAY big on him (unless he's 12 pounds at birth...I hope not) but he'll be cute nevertheless.
On Saturday morning, unbeknownst to those of us upstairs asleep, Dad got a phone call saying that his office building's alarm was going off and he needed to meet the police there. He jumped into his car (at 4:30 AM) and, forgetting that we were all at his house, pulled out of the garage like usual. Somehow, he managed to back his car into Eddie's bumper. But the trick is that he got his fender STUCK on Eddie's bumper. It was such a strange thing to have happen! There is hardly any damage, but the vehicles were STUCK together! Bet he couldn't do the same thing again! He realized the cars were stuck so he got out and drove Laura's van to his office. Apparently, there was no break-in, just a faulty alarm. When he got back to the house and we'd gotten up, we all went outside to see what could be done about it. Do we let the air out of Eddie's tires? Do we let the air out of Dad's tires? Do we lift Dad's car off of Eddie's? What do we do? Fortunately, the Griswalds, I mean Dad and Laura, were having their septic tank pumped Saturday morning and the man who was doing that brought his excavator around and PICKED UP Eddie's truck and slid it over. It worked! We have laughed and laughed about this "conundrum."
Later on Saturday we went to Marietta for an art festival. We had lunch, walked around, and Eddie and I bought two pictures to hang in The Boy's room. It's getting closer to being finished and I can't wait to show those pictures!
We went back home to watch the Georgia game (which will not be discussed at all) and eat some more. At about 6:15 Grandmommie called to say that she had a gift for us and we needed to go by her house to pick it up. I ran upstairs and changed and Eddie, Dad, and I headed over to her house. When we were almost there, Laura called to say that Grandmommie was out running some errands and that she was going to swing by our house, but could we please go to the grocery store while we were out. We turned around, headed to Publix, and then headed home. All that time, the Smith family was at our house setting up a surprise baby shower for us! I was TOTALLY caught off guard! I had NO clue, and I'm usually pretty good at picking up on SOMETHING going on. Looking back, I missed a lot of the hints. Anna AND John were both at Dad's - it's rare for all of us to go at the same time and John never gets off work. Anna and Laura had been whispering in the kitchen (about people hiding in the woods while Eddie and I were still at the house!). Just funny! We had the BEST time and got LOTS of goodies! We have one spoiled and blessed little boy!!!
Enjoy the pictures of the weekend. I'm trying a new way of posting them. Hope it works!
Also, I blogged earlier today about being 34 weeks pregnant. It's below!

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