Monday, August 17, 2009

31 Weeks

Things are still about the same. The Boy is definitely growing bigger. His movements occur more often and they're MUCH more pronounced - and sometimes hurt! He's made his way up into my ribs and I often feel him in my ribs and down near my pelvis at the same time.

I still haven't hit 20 pounds. I'm approaching the time when I should gain about half a pound per week. With only nine weeks to go I'm okay with that. I don't feel extremely big yet, but my tummy does get in my way and it hurts to bend. If I'm laying down I either have to roll over on my side or Eddie has to pull me to get up. I sort of feel like an upsidedown turtle trying to flip over!

I have good days and bad days. Amy asked me on Saturday what my "bad" days were like. They're not all that bad, actually. I'm VERY lethargic on "bad" days, or feel nauseated and close to passing out when I'm on my feet. My back does bother me most days by the afternoon. It's not usually sciatica anymore - it's more often muscle pain in my upper middle back. On my good days I don't really feel pregnant at all. I'm able to get LOTS done or if I've been out and about I'm not worn out and still feel good by the time I get home.

We're on the homeward stretch now, I feel like. I have about five more weeks that I can "technically" go out of town. I know not all doctors put the restriction of "no more than an hour away" in the last four weeks, but I think it'll be nice and will give us time to get things done around thehouse. In the meantime, we have plans EVERY weekend either around here or elsewhere. I'm glad for that. It'll keep me busy!

I go back to the doctor next week so we'll see how he's doing then!

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