Monday, June 15, 2009

The Weekend in Review...

We got up EARLY on Saturday morning. We got up at 4 AM. 4 AM!!! Eddie had to be at a yard sale that he was helping with through the Chamber of Commerce. It was a pretty cool thing. He's been in a Leadership program through the Chamber for a few months. It will last until the end of October. Anyway...the yard sale on Saturday benefits Hospice's Wings Camp. It is a camp that is specifically for children and teenagers who have lost a parent or sibling. How wonderful is that?

So...on to the reason why I was still up after Eddie left the house at 4:40 AM. If you know me, you probably already know the reason. I snuggled back down in the bed and turned on The Nanny to keep me company and not THREE MINUTES after Eddie left, I heard someone jiggling the front door. I am NOT making this up. I was NOT asleep. I heard it. I jumped up and looked out the window and Eddie's truck was gone. I proceeded to go through the house and flip on every stinking light that we have. And then I stayed up until after 6 AM when it was light enough to turn the lights back off. Eddie later admitted to coming BACK to the door to make sure that he had, in fact, locked up. See? I told you I wasn't making it up!

We'd made plans to go to Dad's house this weekend for Fake Father's Day (as in, not the actual day, not that I have a fake father). We left around 10:45 and were able to make it to downtown Roswell to have lunch with Dad and Laura. We had lunch at Red Salt (where they do have red salt...we found out the hard way!) and I had a delicious Portabello Mushroom Sandwich. De-lish!

Saturday night we went for a Ghost Tour! The Roswell Ghost Tour is apparently a pretty well-known thing around there. We heard some pretty interesting tales (in the dark) about several well-known houses and buildings in the area. It was sort of creepy! The farther we went, the creepier it got. One of the last stops on the tour was a house that was occupied at one time by the town executioner. Many, many people have said that they've seen a ghost-man in and around that house who seems to be drunk, with slurred speech, and he shouts obsenities at people. I'm not a big believer in things like this, but I have to admit that I was FREAKING OUT when we got to this part. I stood and looked at the ground, not at the house...I didn't want to EVER see this man. The guide gave everyone permission to look around before moving on and I was the first one to head on up the street to the next spot. I wanted to get AWAY from that house. I looked at their website today (it's linked above if you click on their name) and found out the people that own the tour have been featured on a Sci-Fi show (I think it's called Ghost Hunters). The people from the show came to Atlanta and filmed at the Georgia Aquarium when they had the Titanic exhibit there. You can watch the full episode online (Joe and Dianna are the owners of RGT) and it is CREEPY. I had to turn it off.

Yesterday we visited Dad and Laura's church. Eddie had never been before and he seemed to really like the preacher. Unfortunately for me, I got sick in the middle of the sermon. I NEVER get up and leave church and I had to yesterday. I spent a good little while in the front of the church sipping water and cooling off. Stupid hot weather.

We went to Babies 'R Us again yesterday. I must admit that I am 100% overwhelmed about everything that we need. We wanted to go to look for furniture specifically but of course wound up looking all around. What in the world do I get? Where in the world do I start? So confused...

We're back home now. I've spent the morning being really lazy. It's 11:15 and I'm still in my pjs. I had my Quiet Time this morning and I've put some dishes in the dishwasher and made up my bed but mostly I've just sat around and read. It's been nice but I need to get myself to the grocery store at some point.

I bought The Boy a children's Bible and have been reading it to him when I do my own Bible reading in the mornings. I bought The Jesus Storybook Bible and have really enjoyed it. The pictures are SO pretty. It is in story form, obviously, not scripture form, but I think it will be good to have the little stories as a basis for Bible-reading later on. I'm enjoying it myself!

I'm cooking two casseroles this week: Mexican Chicken and Poppyseed Chicken. I think we'll have the Poppyseed Chicken tonight. I'll post recipes and tell how it goes later - I've never made either before!

I've put it off long's time to get something done around here!

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