Friday, June 12, 2009

The Lake...

To get myself out of the house, I went to Lake Blackshear yesterday and met Mrs. Bobby, Kelly, Nancy, Caylor, and Macy. The little girls (who aren't really little anymore because they'll be in MIDDLE SCHOOL next year) had a fun time tubing all day. I think the only times they came in were to get more sunscreen for Caylor and to eat lunch!

Because I'm pretty much restricted from all water activities, I spent my time laying on the lounge chair and reading. No longer the color of a European exchange student, I now have lobster-colored spots! Ha! Guess I didn't pay attention to where I applied the Bullfrog!

I THOROUGHLY enjoyed being OUT of the house for the day. I came home hungry, hot, and worn out - and I didn't even do anything!

Can't wait for the next trip to the lake!

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