Thursday, May 7, 2009

Best Gradution EVER!

Eddie and I weren't able to go to Lance and Mary's graduation ceremony tonight at Darton College, but we DID watch it LIVE! on Darton's website. Being the shutterbug that I am, I took pictures of the entire ceremony...from my own desk chair while watching in a tank top, running shorts, and no shoes. Eddie even enjoyed a peanut butter sandwich during the festivities. We're hoping UGA will follow suit so that we can tailgate during Anna's ceremony on Saturday morning!

Please, please, please don't judge my photography skills on these pictures. They are HORRIBLE...but I was taking them of my computer. Bleh! They're still fun!

Congratulations, Mary and Lance! We're very proud of you both!

Mary is the blonde in the front row second from the right.

I decided to be kind and not take a picture of Lance scratching his nose while on the big screen.


Melissa said...

that's pretty stinkin' hilarious.

Anna Catherine said...

He'd kill you if he knew about the scratching his nose comment! You did manage to get some pretty good ones though!