Thursday, April 16, 2009

What I'm Reading

I've been on a major reading kick lately. Summer is so close that I can almost taste it, and that always makes me want to read. Those dark, dreary months make me want to sleep, but the warm months I want to read. Luckily I live in the South and things don't stay dark and dreary for long here!

A few weeks ago we were at Target and I came across a new-ish Mary Kay Andrews book called Deep Dish. I discovered Mary Kay Andrews when I was in college and babysitting for the Turner children. Mrs. Nan had one of her books laying around and I picked it up and finished it before the weekend was over. I was hooked. If you've never read anything by her, you need to try her out. She is HILARIOUS to me. My favorite thing about her books is that since she lives in Atlanta, most of her books (I think all of the ones that I've read) are set in Georgia. The way she describes the setting, you can really see it! One of her books was set in Athens and between the description of Athens and the description of Madison, you are THERE! My second favorite thing is that she doesn't cheese-up the southern accents. They're real y'all. If you haven't read her stuff, find one of her books now! I would say I'd loan one to you but when I give them to my mama she passes them along to all her friends and I never see them again! Ha!

I know that y'all think I have lost my mind, but I am reading the Harry Potter series again. I don't know what it is about those books! I LOVE them! I think this is the fourth or fifth or maybe sixth time for some of the earlier ones. I love the way that J.K. Rowling writes and describes things. I think she's incredible. If you haven't read them, seriously just try them once. I think it is so cool that she mentions something in the first book that becomes a major MAJOR deal in one of the later books. And it seems like ANYTHING that's brought up, that happens to. Everything is so interwoven that it's incredible. I LOVE them.
I have a HUMUNGO list of books that I'm going to read this summer. Let me know what should be on it. I need to get reading SOON!

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