Sunday, April 19, 2009

Pregnancy...So Far

As of tomorrow I'll be 14 weeks pregnant and officially out of my first trimester. I shouldn't complain AT ALL about the first trimester because it was relatively easy. We literally found out that I was pregnant at about 4 weeks, 2 days so we've known for a LONG time. Or it seems LONG anyway! Ha!

I've been nauseated and tired, but not at all sick, which is a blessing as a teacher. I was paranoid I'd be running to the bathroom during classes and that would be not so fun. Food has not been my friend at all. I've eaten, mostly at lunch and a snack when I get home, but nothing tastes good anymore. The things I haven't turned my nose up at have been carbs and fruits. Sweets haven't tasted good (which I have heard means I'm having a boy, according to Old Wife Tales) and I could virtually be a vegetarian.

Between finding out and our first visit to the doctor at 8 weeks I gained about 6 or 7 pounds. Between the 8 week visit and the 12 week visit I lost about 6 or 7 pounds. SO...I'm right back where I started. I do, unfortunately, LOOK like I've gained a lot of weight. I just feel sloppy looking. I think it's just from feeling all out of whack. At about 10 weeks I started feeling like my tummy was growing and Eddie noticed it at about 11 weeks. Now it's obvious if you know I'm pregnant, but probably just looks like I'm getting really chunky to anyone who doesn't know.

I am staying home next year. I resigned from my job two weeks ago so as of June 2, I'll be unemployed. We're confident that it's the best move for us but still a little scared in this unstable economy. A lot of people think I'm crazy for WANTING to stay at home, but I really, really do. I know there will be days where I'll feel stir-crazy and like I'm going to lose my mind, but I'm hoping that it will be the best thing for all three of us. The only unfortunate thing is that we don't really know anyone here outside of people that we work with, so it's bound to be lonely until I make some new friendships.

Overall, that's it for us these days. I'm hoping to get some more energy in the coming weeks and not feel like a slug all the time. I'm also hoping for an increase in appetite. Keith and Shelley were able to witness first-hand last night my eating-like-a-bird habits. I literally take about 3 bites of supper and I'm finished. Fortunately, I'm saving money for us when we go out to eat because then I have at least 2 more meals out of it! Ha!

We have another doctor's appointment on May 5 when I'm 16 weeks. I doubt they'll do an ultrasound that week but I know that if they do, it's possible for us to find out what we're having. Boy or girl we just want everything to go smoothly and for it to be healthy!

By the way, the ultrasound is from 8 weeks so this baby looks a LOT bigger than that now. We were able to see it again at my 12 weeks checkup because they couldn't find a heartbeat with the doppler. You could see definite arms and legs and head and hands and feet. I want to buy one of those machines and just watch it bounce around all day long!

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Anna Catherine said...

Don't be like Tom Cruise (he DID buy one of those machines when Katie was pregnant)!
I personally think you'll meet WAY more people after you have the baby! After Lance and I got Finn, we felt like we joined a new club! People would come up to us all the time just to talk and give tips about how to train him! It was weird but we met lots of new people and puppies for him to play with! You'll always have something to talk about with other moms because they love to talk about their kids!
You're having a girl!