Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Walmarts...

In order to redeem myself for the horribly depressing post that I made previously, I would like to share with you my new obsession...finding extremely cheap clothing. I am an inpulsive shopper and Eddie is trying to break me of that. I've done well and haven't bought impulsively in quite a while. Instead, I scour the internet looking for things that I'd like, wait for them to go on sale, and snatch them up. Another blogger, Kelly, has shown me the light that is the Walmarts.

I've avoided Walmart's clothing for years, thinking it would be incredibly embarrassing to be caught dead in something I'd found there (don't ask me why - I'm a snob about a lot of things...brand name food products, etc. It drives my husband bananas). Given the current state of the economy, I've thought better of my snobby ways, and have taken up looking for the best deals possible. On Sunday, during our weekly errand-running, I snatched up this cutie that I'd been looking at for a while:

I think it looks pretty darn cute. Unfortunately, living away from Anna, my biggest critic, I can only hope that I look good in it because she hasn't given it her seal of approval. I'm crossing my fingers, especially since I pulled the tags off and beared my white legs on Monday at school in it. They have red and navy as well and I'm most likely going to be going back for those as well. Eddie was all for me looking for dresses at the Walmarts, especially since this only cost him a mere $15. Now that, my friends, sounds like a deal to me. I've found a couple of cute $5 dresses online as well and as soon as I'm feeling up to braving the Walmarts again, I might head to Perry and scrounge around for those!

What amazing deals can you tell me about?

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Anonymous said...

I can't believe you haven't ever bought anything from wal-mart in the clothing section before! I buy stuff from wal-mart ALL THE TIME, and I get compliments on the things I buy from there! It's so fun when people ask where you got your cute dress from to say, "It's from wal-mart and it only cost $10"!
ps The dress looks really cute from the picture!