Sunday, March 1, 2009


We spent last Saturday evening at the Rodeo with Cal and MaraDare. We had fun and really enjoyed having them come up and spend time with us! Maybe we'll make it an annual event!

Please excuse my pictures...those animals are QUICK and I still haven't purchased a zoom lens for my new camera yet - it's currently only a 55mm. That didn't stop me from taking about 100 pictures, though!

I learned something new while we were at the rodeo...most of the horses they use for the rodeo (at least the one we saw) are mares! They were incredible! I'm not sure how someone participates in that sport and then doesn't have back and neck problems later in life!

Our entertainment for the evening. I like the MC (he was the same as last year) but the clown ("The Hippie") wasn't my favorite. His jokes weren't all that funny to me.

Please excuse me if you know or are related to this woman. Cal had a FIT about her hair. Bless her heart.

This man and his horses were a little different. He was a bit of a horse whisperer. The things he trained his horses to do was pretty incredible but it was overshadowed by the Enya soundtrack playing in the background and the fact that he kissed a horse ON THE BUTT. He was, as the little boys behind us stated, "Kind of weird..."

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