Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Antique Bed

You may remember my beautiful antique bed that has been handed down generation after generation in the Bowen family.

Ahh yes, that's the one. Isn't she a beaut? (Sorry about the awesome repeater picture, Shelley!)

Well, that darn antique bed (the one that is causing my sciatic nerve to make my butt and the back of my leg hurt all the dang time) fell apart this morning. Woke us up and everything! And it didn't just collapse once. Oh no! Not that sweet bed! She let us go back to sleep (at a slightly different angle) and then she collapsed AGAIN!

Tonight we struggled to put the stupid thing back together. It's a very low bed so it sits on blocks to raise it up to a normal height but the blocks wouldn't cooperate either. We put the frame back together and put it on the blocks and the frame broke again. Then we put the frame together, put it on the blocks, put the box springs on and it fell off of the blocks! Many choice words were yelled at the stupid bed.

So tonight we will sleep on a mattress on the floor just like in the olden days when we first bought the house and still had gross carpet.

And I'm shopping for a new bed.

Any suggestions?

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