Sunday, January 18, 2009

Fun-Filled Afternoon

We sure had fun visiting with Grayson Anne (and Cal and MaraDare) today! They came up around 3:30 and stayed through dinner! It was such a fun time to get to spend the afternoon with them!

We did so many fun things!

We played with the ball...

We took super-close pictures of ourselves and then we looked at them on my digital camera.

We did yoga. GA is really good at the Superman (*ahem* Yes, that's a real pose) and Downward Facing Dog.

We went up and down the steps of the step-stool a million times and even gnawed on it until Daddy took it away from us.

We went out into the backyard and flew really high up into the air. Eddie was totally excited that she even had anything to do with him today. She doesn't dislike him, she's just never been very interested in playing with him - which completely breaks his heart! Today, however, he conned her into playing by feeding her marshmallows first!

We made sure that we were REALLY bundled up since it was a little chilly!

We also went shopping at Target and to eat at Cheddar's but I didn't take any pictures there. Miss Grayson Anne has to be my favorite almost-two-year-old! Thanks, Cal and MD, for bringing her!!!

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