Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas, Round 1...

We've had LOTS going on lately, but no time to tell about it! I'm finally out of school and feel like I can sit down for a few days and breathe!

On Friday, Eddie and I went out to eat to celebrate me being out of school. (It also happened to be our 5 month anniversary, but we're not turning into Keith and Shelley and celebrating every milestone - not us! *wink, wink*) Over dinner, Eddie made the mistake of mentioning that he thought it would be fun for us to open the Christmas ornaments that we'd gotten for each other this year. Before that, my brain had not even THOUGHT about opening gifts - I'd been too consumed with everything else that was going on around me. However, just that one mention and it was all over for me. And so, when we got home here's what happened:

Eddie wants me to mention that it was not HIS idea to do this. However, I don't think I've heard him complain. In fact, he's spent a little spare time on the Wii playing Tiger Woods Golf! It was fun!

On Saturday morning, we headed to Tifton. We spent the day visiting and running errands, and then I had my 8th Annual Bowers' Christmas Dinner to attend. It was a small crowd this year, but we had just as much fun as we always do!

L-R: Bridgett Payne, Me, Kate Bowers, Meg (Shipley) Adams, and Bridgett (Meadows) Adams

Thursday was Mrs. Bobby's birthday, but we had to celebrate it Sunday after church. We had lunch at the Country Club and then opened gifts at home.

In other news, Eddie got cabinet doors hung on the top half of the kitchen cabinets. He'd been putting it off because he'd done two of them and they didn't work. However, he plowed through and they look great! Can't wait to see how the rest look!

We got two very sweet gifts in the mail the other day. Both are from Jackson & Perkins (which means I need to be working on my green thumb). The first that came is the cutest little decorated Christmas tree from Mrs. Mary John Reinhardt. It's so cute! After the season's over, we can plant it in the yard. She told Mom that she wanted to give us "Something that we'd always see and remember her." I think she accomplished that task!

The second gift came from Melly and Bobby. They've spoiled me rotten this year! It's going to be an amaryllis but it's just beginning to sprout. It's amazing how much you can tell it's grown from the morning to the afternoon. When we came in last night it looked so much bigger! This picture was taken several days ago, so it's a good bit bigger now!

Our plans are to go home on Wednesday evening, then head to Dad's on Friday. If you don't hear from us before Christmas we hope that everyone has a very merry one!

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