Friday, November 7, 2008

Surgery Update

Thanksgiving #6: Good health and recovery from surgery!

I'm finally back from the dead of our nap and ready to post the events of the day! Whew! Were we tired!

Eddie and I were at the hospital this morning about ten 'til six. We waited only a few minutes before they called Eddie back to prep him. Soon after that they called me back to join him. My mom and Mr. Tommy came up before they took him to the holding room so they were able to visit with him this morning.

There was, for whatever reason, a back-up in surgical this morning and it took them a lot longer to get him than we thought that it would. Eddie says they took him back around 7:30 or 8 but I think it was a good deal later. He was back in the room by 11 (after 45 minutes in recovery...the boy had to catch up on some sleep but they finally gave him something to make him wake up) but they made him wait a while before he could leave.

Dr. Johnson said that his liver enzymes were back down (the last time he had blood work done they were elevated - we understand now that he had probably passed a gallstone a few days prior to that). They took his gallbladder out so he has 5 tiny incisions on his tummy. They also did an EGD to look at his esophagus and stomach to make sure that it was, in fact, his gallbladder and not possibly acid reflux. They would've taken the gallbladder out anyway because he was full of stones, but we just wanted to make sure he could come off of the acid reflux medicine without any issues. Dr. Johnson described his stomach lining as "pristine" and they bragged all day about what a healthy guy he is. (Eddie finds this humorous!)

We left the hospital around 12:30 and ran by CVS to get his prescription filled. He also wanted a Frosty so we ran through Wendy's as well. Poor thing, that's the only thing he's wanted to eat all day! We were back at the Fresh's house by 1:30 and back in the bed asleep by 2. We both slept until 4:30 and I must say I had the worst "nap hangover" after I woke up. I just feel groggy and blah! Eddie is asleep again in the recliner "watching" ESPN.

Just so you know, I asked Dr. Johnson about Eddie wanting to rake the yard and he said absolutely not. However, he also gave Eddie a doctor's excuse for Madeline's wedding tomorrow night. Anyone want to be my date? Eddie is still saying he'll probably go but doesn't want to stay for long. I think he'll wind up being Sonny's excuse to leave early!

I think we're on the road to recovery! Thanks for keeping us in your thoughts today!

PS: My Thanksgiving #7 is the fact that we have brand new countertops now! I took pictures in the five minutes I was home yesterday afternoon but since we're at the Fresh's and I don't have my computer, I can't upload them yet. Be patient and I'll show them off on Sunday!

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