Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Mother Letter Project

Please check out this anonymous husband's blog. The premise is that he and his wife agreed not to give each other anything for Christmas this year. Instead, they agreed to donate to a village in that the husband visited for a mission trip after Christmas last year. After he visited, he was left pondering the purpose of the typical American Christmas. Rather than give each other materialistic gifts this year, they are creating for one another handmade, heartfelt, and FREE gifts. So...the husband got incredibly creative and started a blog called "The Mother Letter Project." (Find it at www.motherletter.blogspot.com) His wife is a mother of small children. This year, he's asking for letters sent to her, inspiring her, lifting her up. If you write a letter, he'll also email you the final product. I think this is such a cool idea! Be sure to check out his blog, and if you feel compelled - write a letter!

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