Sunday, August 3, 2008


School starts for me tomorrow. I've been back a week and a half with meetings and pre-planning but the students come back tomorrow. I'm feeling a little wishy-washy about this. While I love the new curriculum that I'm teaching (and the fact that I get to read a few different books this year since I've graduated to high school) I'm not ready for my summer to be over. When the kids walk in tomorrow it's officially over. I'm sharing a room with a fellow teacher and I am able to plan and teach one class in there. The other 4 classes that I teach I am out and about in 4 different rooms. This ought to be interesting. At least I'll be getting a little exercise! Hopefully I won't be tardy every day!

Eddie and I have been pretty busy lately. We're commuting from the lake to Perry every day. We've been leaving at 6:45 or so in order to get me to school by 8...but I'm supposed to be at school by 7:15 every day when school really starts. Yuck. That means we'll be leaving no later than 6 AM. Disgusting. Needless-to-say, when we get home at 6 or so at night we're hungry, exhausted, and don't want to do much. The lake, while a great vacationing spot, has not been much of a vacation. We haven't even ventured out in the lakeside yard much. We're really missing out.

I have a confession to that I haven't really wanted to post about because it's so aggravating. The house that you can find pictures of below isn't ours. We're not getting that one either. The inspection came back for it about 3 days before the wedding and there happened to be thousands of dollars worth of damage to it. SO...we got out of that contract the day before the wedding. I've decided that until we sign our names on the dotted line and we are officially IN a house, I'm not going to post about them anymore. I think that talking about it is jinxing us. We've made offers on 5 houses now and we've been under contract twice. Check back in mid-August because we MAY be able to talk then, but for now my lips are sealed. I think I'm never going to move again once we get into this house.

That's all of our news for now. Hope everyone had a great summer and that you're all ready for school to begin again! Love you all!

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