Monday, July 1, 2024

Vidalia Invitational

On Saturday morning, we were up at at 'em by 5AM to hit the road for our last summer swim meet. I have lots of updating to do about summer since this is my first update in a while, but James hurt his arm at church camp and was out of swim about two weeks and missed his first two meets. We have one more coming up in July, but both boys will be on a mission trip. So it was either make the trek to Vidalia or James didn't have a summer meet at all! (And meets are the fun part of swim!) It was a HOT one, but both boys dropped a little time and had a great day!

James' relay team was SO excited going into the week because one of the teams they swim against during the school year was coming and we really enjoy watching them compete! Sadly, that team didn't have enough for a 13-14 boys' relay team and no one else brought any 13-14 boys either so as long as they didn't DQ their two relays, they got automatic 1st place points! We'll take it!

Will didn't have enough his age for a relay team, but he swam 5 individual events and got two 4th places, two 3rd places, and one 2nd place! He beat another kid on his team that has been swimming for a while and he was SO tickled with that - a win for him!

Sharing a blurry picture of James' dive because it has come SO FAR. I'll include his dive two years ago below (he's closest to the camera - this is from 1.5 years ago). He's made SO much progress. He is pretty bored with the monotony of swim right now, but does really enjoy school meets so I'm ready for that season - his first HIGH SCHOOL SEASON - to get rolling.

James wound up taking Points Runner Up in his age group and we think will get a medal. We didn't realize they had awards and left before they were distributed. Whoops!

The boys have a few more practices this week and next week and then will have a few weeks off. James will continue to swim in August and September, but Will has a break until October. They're ready for a little break!

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