Monday, February 27, 2023

William at 11.

 We blinked and we are here. Eleven years into your life. It feels like forever and no time at all at the same exact time. Time is such a bizarre thing to me.

Will, you are a source of conundrum in our lives in the best way possible. I told someone recently that we never know what to expect from you, but we ALWAYS know exactly how you feel about everything. You wear your heart on your sleeve. Happy? We know! Excited? Yep, we see you bouncing. Angry? Sad? Frustrated? Watch out! We know it for SURE!

For your birthday this year, we had a couple small celebrations. We took birthday snacks to school the Friday before your birthday. We took birthday cupcakes to 5th Grade Fun Day ON your birthday, the four of us celebrated at home on your birthday, and we had a very tiny "party" with Cacky, Grandmama, Granddaddy, Kelly, and Christopher a few days later. You are VERY into Harry Potter right now so we did a Harry Potter theme, sent you a Hogwarts acceptance letter, and are planning a trip to Universal to SEE Hogwarts as soon as school gets out. (I'm SUPER pumped about that. I have a few surprises and you're going to LOVE them.)

At 11, you love being outside, building, Legos, arts and crafts, Harry Potter, Duck Dynasty, Andy Griffith, and SUGAR. You don't like anything that pushes you out of your box or challenges you to do hard things. You're taking guitar lessons right now and it has PUSHED you in a way that you weren't expecting. Whew! It has been fun and challenging for me to see it unfold, but your teacher is absolutely committed to MAKING you get through the hard part. You're like sand in an oyster right now, but you're going to wind up being a pearl at the end of it all.

Your friend group is an interesting bunch. There are about 5 of you at school together who are self-proclaimed "NERDS." Y'all enjoy reading, playing Dungeons and Dragons, swapping Pokemon cards, and building forts. I love that you're all still young in spirit and aren't in too big a hurry to grow up!

I'm a little late posting this update, but I made it before the end of February. Will Fresh, you amaze us and frustrate us every. single. day. I can't wait to watch you grow up into whomever you'll be. But I bet it will be doing something where you get to build and create.

We love you! 

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