Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Sea World, Storms, and Salvaging the Day

We have just returned from a really, really fun weekend away in Orlando for Fall Break. I wanted to write about it while it was still fresh on my mind, because one of the reasons I've been failing to blog a lot is I'm not setting aside time every day to do it and then the time passes and I forget!

Last Friday, we packed our bags and dropped James off with our church's children's ministry so that he could go to Sea World with them for a little over 24 hours. They went to Orlando to have a sleepover at Sea World and then tour the park all day on Saturday.

Meanwhile, Eddie, Will, and I packed our own bags and headed to Orlando as well! We had a room at Port Orleans French Quarter, a first for us. I love to try new Disney resorts while we are in town and explore as much as we can. We were really looking forward to it! We've stayed at the sister resort - Port Orleans Riverside - twice and really loved it. This was one of my favorite places that I've stayed. (Although, Eddie will tell you if it's a moderate or a deluxe, I'm happy!) When we arrived, Will had been asleep for close to two hours and was not happy to wake up.

We checked in and ate quickly at Sassagoula Floatworks and Food Factory, the cafeteria at French Quarter. Eddie and I shared their Shrimp and Grits and it was DELICIOUS! I loved it so much I had it again the second night! After we ate we went to our room and settled in for bed!

Before we headed down we knew that the threat of rain was HUGE on Saturday. Tropical Storm Nestor was making landfall and we would have to wait him out. Will and I had plans to go to Magic Kingdom on Saturday morning, but decided we would just wait until some of the rain cleared toward the afternoon. Sadly, the Sea World crew decided it wasn't worth it and they cancelled their Saturday fun. We got a text about picking James up fairly soon after we woke up on Saturday morning so we headed out to grab him. 

While we were on the to pick James up, I made a reservation for brunch for the four of us at a restaurant at Yacht Club. I am a huge fan of resort visiting while I'm at Disney World so that we can see other places. Having brunch at a resort where we'd never stayed was right up my alley!

The restaurant was just ok. I've recently had to go gluten free because it doesn't love my body and I was worried that some of my choices would be limited. Disney is the best place to dine with allergies and intolerances, though, and everyone was really helpful when I was picking some gluten free foods!

Yacht Club itself was GORGEOUS. It was obviously a deluxe hotel. 

After we ate, the rain stopped (!!!), and we walked around the resort outside. The winning point of this resort is the POOL. It has a sandy bottom pool, a lazy river, and a pirate ship slide! WHOA. It's also within walking distance of Epcot and Boardwalk and has boat service to Hollywood Studios!

Since the rain lifted, we asked the boys whether they wanted to head to a park or back to the resort to swim. They chose swimming and they stayed in the pool ALL afternoon long! It turned out to be a GORGEOUS day!

We wound up back at Sassagoula for dinner again before heading to the room to watch some football and head to bed early. I'll post part 2 of our trip later! We had a great weekend!

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