Saturday, August 10, 2019

The First Week of School!

Well, we have survived the first week of school!

James is still a little miffed about having to go back in the first place, but two of his very best friends are in his class, along with a handful of other really good friends and really SWEET kids so he is going to be JUST FINE. (He's probably reading so that reminder is for him!)

Will LOVES his teacher, his class is awesome, and he is loving 2nd grade. 

It was a BUSY week back to school. We had a dentist appointment on the first day of school. NO CAVITIES this time! Poor Will has had a few because of some underdeveloped baby teeth. James also had NO DAMAGE to his teeth. I can't remember if I shared this on the blog or not, but in November he fell in the shower and broke one of his front permanent teeth and it has been repaired twice already. THEN he got hit in the mouth last week, but x-rays showed no more damage to it. However, Dr. L. got him a mouth guard and told him to WEAR IT! Lol!

I think we had baseball practice THREE nights this week. The season is gearing back up - we start on August 17th - and they're trying to cram lots of practices in before the school year gets ramped up.

We are back into our "no screen time during the week" part of the year, which is my FAVORITE thing. Sometimes the TV and the ipad are the bane of my existence, although I do understand the need for them in some situations. And yes, I'm the adult and we could have no screen time every day, but we just really push it during the school year. And it is glorious!

We have been reading like crazy people at our house and I'm going to share some thoughts on reading very soon!

Overall, it's been a great week back! We all survived and lived to tell the tale! 5 down, 175 to go!

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