Friday, April 26, 2019

The End is Near! And Baseball.

Oh, FRIENDS! The past four months have been some of the busiest of my LIFE. I started working as a travel agent in January and began working each night on that after the kids went to bed. It has taken OFF and I have been tremendously blessed by it, but's busy! January-March is Eddie's busy season at work and he was also working each night from 8-12. FABULOUS. Many days I told him I felt like I hadn't seen him in months. The boys began baseball in mid-February and we are eating, sleeping, and breathing baseball right now. We practice or have games anywhere from 3-5 times per week AND we are travel balling on the weekends. AND April and May are my BUSY busiest months at work and I've been burning the midnight oil trying to stay caught up there! WHEW! My school year ends in 19 days and I am not trying to wish my life away, but COME ON, SUMMER! We usually come up with our Summer Goals around this time each year so I will have those for y'all soon.

OK! Onward! Since all we are doing is baseball-ing, I have plenty of pictures to show you!

Will's game last night was GREAT, but they wound up losing at the end. Everyone was hitting! He has become a great little baseball player this year. Eddie and I have said for YEARS that he would be our athletic child if he WANTED to be. He hasn't wanted to be until this season. He is fired up about playing and learning! It's been fun to watch him! We've started letting him practice with James' travel ball team recently. My theory is that if he plays with the big kids, he will improve and get better by leaps and bounds. We shall see!

James has surprised me (because he's more like me!) and turned into a great athlete as well. He LOVES baseball. LOVES it. He knows the strategy behind plays, can remember details from games, and is getting to be a pretty good little player! Last night was his first night to PITCH and he did a great job! I was nervous for him, but he has so much confidence that he didn't seem to be worried at all! He walked two batters and struck  four or five out. He was SO excited after the game. He and a friend pitched the whole game - James' first time, Austin's second, but it had been several months! We were impressed! This kid has been playing since he was just a tiny little 3-year old. I was trying to think earlier today how many times he has played baseball. I am almost 100% sure that this is his 8th season of baseball?! Crazy? Maybe 7th. I'll have to try to look at pictures...We played fall ball this year for the first time and he's actually playing on two teams right now. It's all baseball, all. the. time. (And when we aren't playing we're watching the Braves, playing it on our iPads, looking at baseball cards, etc.!)

Maybe after this school year is over I'll get back to doing this whole writing thing! I've missed it!

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