Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Christmas Favorites

Our Christmas break has FLOWN by! We didn't get out until December 21st this year which meant that we hit the ground running with Christmas to-dos! On top of that, we celebrated Christmas until just this past weekend so it meant we were busy a LOT later in our break and there has been almost no downtime. We have still thoroughly enjoyed our days off of school and all the fun! I thought I'd share what has been the MOST fun for us over the past two weeks!

1. Bikes!

The boys learned to ride bikes over Thanksgiving break (yes...James is 9...he did it in his own sweet time but when they finally learned, they took off!). Grandmama and Granddaddy bought them bikes for Christmas but brought them over early so that they would get the most enjoyment out of them. And boy howdy, they have put some miles on their tires! I've even enjoyed them on longer rides around the neighborhood!

2. Christmas Morning!

The boys were SO EXCITED about Christmas this year. It was a LOT of fun! My only regret is that we sort of rushed through it to get to lunch and I wish we'd been able to savor it a little longer. The boys were up bright and early and ready to see what Santa brought. The iPads were the stars of the show (Santa brought 3 things - iPads, roller blades, and laser tag), followed closely by the racoon skin hat (Will's stocking - he has hardly taken this off!), and baseball cards (from us!).

3. New Swingset!

Our old playset has been officially retired (we were the second owners) and a certain monkey that lives here has been anxiously awaiting a new playset! It is being built in the backyard and is about halfway finished currently. Hopefully the builders will complete it tomorrow! Will is our more timid child, but he hasn't ever met someone he can't make small talk with (he did NOT inherit that trait from me - that's all thanks to Eddie and my mama) and he has stayed right up under the builders asking questions. 

4. Scout is TWELVE!

Our old girl celebrated her 12th birthday over Christmas break! She has been a good, loyal, and sweet companion for all these years. She visited the vet today and weighed in at 76.1 pounds, got a good bill of health, and was put on 3 different arthritis medicines for her declining hips and knees. Overall, she's in great shape. The vet encouraged us to take her swimming since she likes that. Now, to convince Eddie we need a pool for that activity! LOL!

5. Cousin Time!

Our baby cousins are 3, almost 2, and almost 1. We're currently at VERY different stages, but the boys love tending to them. 

6. Outside Time!

It has been UNSEASONABLY warm. It has also been extremely rainy, so we have taken advantage of the non-rainy days!

7. Honorable Mention - Ralphie

Our family LOVES A Christmas Story. This year, we classed up the neighborhood by adding an inflatable, life-like Ralphie in his pink bunny suit. We have laughed and laughed at how much it looks like JAMES. On the hunt for an inflatable Leg Lamp for next year!

Christmas was good to us this year! It always just goes by so quickly!

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