Tuesday, May 29, 2018

School's OUT for SUMMER!

School got out early this year in our neck of the woods. We are COMPLETELY rezoning our county next year and because of some updates and repairs the schools will need over the summer, we got out early (May 17th) and are going back late (August 13th). I am PUMPED for such a long summer! Wooohooo!

On the last day of school, we took the obligatory pictures with the red frame:

This combed hair cracks. me. up. It doesn't stay like that long, let me assure you!

We sent that one off for his last day of 2nd grade (I cannot believe we have a THIRD GRADER now!). We have uniforms at our school, but he used a dress-down pass to wear what he wanted on the last day. (Why not just LET THEM DRESS DOWN?! ABC, I'm looking at YOU.)

Meanwhile, this one and I headed off to the pediatrician's office for yet another strep diagnosis. We hadn't been sick in MONTHS at our house. My children LOVE to get sick right before we got out of town, though. (Seriously: Memorial Day two years ago we were headed to Lake Oconee - James got strep/fever virus. We went to Columbus three years ago - James got strep on our way over. Will had an ear infection at Disney World last fall. Will got strep the day before I left for NYC two years ago. Even the nurse practitioner said, "Last time I saw y'all he was sick and you were going out of town the next day!" WHY?!) We headed to Washington, D.C. the day after school got out so it was only natural that this one got strep the day before. Why not?

He was pretty pitiful all day long and then around 5:30 he perked up and played at James' baseball game with one of his friends (who had also gone home sick on the last day of school!).

Thankfully, he felt 100x better the next morning when we got up bright and early to catch a flight out of Atlanta. (More on that soon!)

I cannot believe another school year has come and gone. I distinctly remember worrying about James going to school when he was an infant but thinking it was SO far off. It seemed like the years lasted a lot longer until we got to the school-age and now they just FLY BY.

Summer, we are so excited to see you!!!!

First day of school 2017:

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