Sunday, September 3, 2017

Solar Eclipse Shenanigans!

When the solar eclipse buzz began a few weeks ago, I immediately knew that if my kiddos weren't doing anything for it at school, I would check them out so that we could see it at home. When I was growing up, anytime there was a lunar eclipse or a comet or a meteor shower, we watched. I can remember watching a lunar eclipse with my dad when I was LITTLE and many, many comets and meteor showers on the trampoline under sleeping bags with my mom. I loved space from an early age! It's fascinating to me!

When the day finally rolled around, our school system released at noon so that there was no liability for ruined eyes kids could watch and experience it with their families. We made a PARTY out of it at our house! Cacky joined in the fun and we had an awesome afternoon. We started brainstorming snacks about a week beforehand and we had a table full of junk food! Star Crunch, Moon Pies, Starburst, Orbit gum, Eclipse gum, Milky Ways, Sun Chips, and Capri Sun. Yummmmmmy. Ha! I bought a few books about space, we had our eclipse glasses, we had the decor, the ingredients for "galaxy slime" and Cacky brought a solar system kit to paint.

The eclipse itself was neat, but definitely not what we expected. We really thought it would get dark and it definitely didn't. It was eerie, though. We stepped outside during as much partiality as we were going to get and it was sunny but looked like there was a filter over the world. Sort of weird.

Overall, it was a fun afternoon and I hope the boys remember it!

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