Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Irma Aftermath!

We made it through with NO DAMAGE. That is the biggest praise. No one in our family suffered any damage at all either.

We spent Monday and Tuesday without power. Ours went out around 12pm Monday and came back on around 8:30 Tuesday. Mom's went out early in the morning (4AM?) on Monday and is still out as of Wednesday at noon. They're hoping it will be soon, but who knows.

A gas water heater is a good thing. Warm showers the whole time.

My house is a DISASTER. Literally, every toy is pulled out. I ran the dishwasher this morning and will unload and reload it and clean the kitchen up later today.

I have to go to the grocery store. Our fridge was completely emptied last night. Our freezer suffered minor injury. The meat remained frozen. Things like waffles did not.

I'm planning to spend the afternoon (sans children) cleaning and grocery shopping.

We are supposed to head back to school tomorrow.

We are praying that Irma is our only hit this year. Anna is tired of being here and not at her own home. The other evacuees are ready to leave the shelters and head back home. Some people will be rebuilding after destruction. It's just a mess. 

I don't have any place to complain at all about what we went through for sure. It was easy and mild compared to many who lost their homes. Pray for the people of Florida and Georgia while we clean up from this storm.

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