Friday, June 30, 2017


We just wrapped up another week of Bible School. The boys LOVE this every single year. I am not the biggest VBS fan (Scrooge over here!), but the boys love it. James was awake until 11pm on Sunday night and up at 6:30am on Monday because he was so excited.

I worked in the adult snack room for the second year in a row. It's where I'm happy. I'm able to see my kiddos, it's easy, and it is low on the stimulation. Everything is so LOUD at VBS!

We had a fun week learning about God and making new friends! We're always exhausted after it's over, but it is 11pm and my boys aren't HOME. *Gasp* They went with their cousins to Wild Adventures today and didn't leave the park until an hour ago. Oh my word, they are going to be SO TIRED tomorrow. Fingers crossed they will take a good, long nap or sleep late!

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